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Posted by ABRASIVE FUNDAMENTALIST!!!! on 03/04/02 - 01:27:23
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Tsk! Tsk! Kevin - and I thought you were Mr Sharpie of A Deck!!

I've just called PK "a FUCKING CUNT!" and Balin "an INSECURE TWAT!" - which, of course, is not exactly the same as "BASTARD", if we're being picky.

And they weren't aimed directly at the musicians, as such. I was encouraging MC to say "FUCKING CUNT!" to Paul's face at least twice a day - while he remembers to put the "INSECURE TWAT!" in his place once a week. All part of MC's management training - he's nothing like hard enough on the lazy fuckers!

As to your other point, well, what can I say?...I dumped her.

I thought I was just helping MC through his management training...and you're implying it's really unreleased sexual energy? Sheesh!

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