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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 03/03/02 - 23:19:11
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I did, as I recall, mention atrocities "committed in other parts of the world by other people against each other (e.g. Rwanda)" without blaming the US for them.

Didn't I?

I do believe my point was that the US isn't the center of the world...


"America is the center of MY world, and that of most people who read this BB I dare say. Its not the entire world, no, but its center, no doubt.  I make no apologies for it.  To quote Michael Falzarano at a recent concert "We're all for peace, love and understanding, but start dropping bombs on MY STREET....and...".

So enemies are dropping bombs on your street?  Please inform us.  We'd like to know.


"I am not responsible for the "atrocities" of the Israeli army, nor am I even aware of them.  Last I heard, ISRAEL was being terrorized by suicide bombers who cared not about women, children or the innocent.  Israel does not attack civilian populace.  They attack military targets.  There is a difference.  A big difference."

I read and hear evidence to the contrary every day, but you are of course free to submit yours.  The stuff I'm receiving is pretty well synopsized at:


"Finally, America is responsible for acts committed with things it manufactures and sells?  I'm glad to be from a nation that can list this amongst its greatest sins.  I'm ready to take up the cause of those stabbed on America's streets by switchblades of Italian manufacture."

Good point.  Let's invade Italy and overthrow their government!


"Lets forget about all those boy scouts around the world brandishing kalashnikovs, "dirty bombs", and AK-47s, shall we?"

A great justification for the US, the world's biggest weapons dealer.

And last:

"I don't want a pissing contest, but i know jingoism when I see it."

From the _Webster's Third New International Dictionary_:

"Jingoism: clamorous chauvinism or arrogant nationalism esp. marked by a belligerent foreign policy..."

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