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Posted by Adrian on 03/03/02 - 20:35:04
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There were plans in 2000 for a "northern" show in Manchester, but it all fell through and we only got London. I've mentioned the idea of a "small-venue" tour to MC before, and heard the reasons why it may not work....

However, I'd certainly do all I could to help make something like this a reality, and my website is always available for any promotional work that may be needed. I'd love to see JS follow in the footsteps of BB&THC and play places like "The Flowerpot" in Derby (which is rapidly becoming one of THE places to play for the older bands like Wishbone Ash).

Despite all the "problems", I'm sure there must be a way of getting the band over to do, say, a week of small dates. There must be dozens of possible venues that they could play, scattered all over the country. Just thinking about around where I am, I can think of several from tiny 30 - 40 seat places to 200+ capacity, such as the "Queens Head" in Belper (about 30 seats, & my local!!), The Flowerpot in Derby, and the "Running Horse" in Nottingham.

I think a series of small dates around the country, finishing with a larger date in London, would work really well. In fact, how does this sound for a fantasy tour:

Derby or Nottingham

I think that would allow just about everyone in the country to get to a show without needing to travel too far, and all those locations have large catchment areas and large populations. Also, the travel time from one location to the next is only a couple of hours or so, leaving plenty of time for promotional work like interviews...

OK, all this is probably a flight of fantasy, but there has to be the dream before we can have the reality............ At the very least, it's something for Paul & MC to think about, even if only to see what reasons they can come up with for saying "no".



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