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Posted by troublemaking cricket on 03/03/02 - 20:21:56
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Our Webmaster, Who Art (pun intended) in Chimp-Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Site...

Unfortunately, you're already too late to stop me before I sin again.  Here goes:

I HAVE been using my damn email, but a certain calcium-rich additive to our board either is not receiving them, or they are going straight to HER chimps (& I bet those guys aren't the demure kind Jane Goodall hangs out with, either).
You-know-who-you-are, & if you're STILL not getting the EM's, would you please send ____-you-know-who to the store for some bananas and CALL me?

Music content:  "O Yes, We Have No Bananas..."
Neither do we seem to have emails.


A friend to chimps everywhere --
until they cross me one too many times...

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