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Posted by Ethel on 03/03/02 - 19:42:00
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Pete did not sit in.  No guest artists-but band on FIRE.  KOOL new song "Still in Doubt..." guessing that title.   Keep NOT hearing my FAVORITE- "I will Love You".

Dennis McNally and wife Suzanne? and entourage at table in front of us. Don Aters entourage with Paul S. and Kara, and Ray and Eth, next.  And Don gave Dennis photographs--well, that's his goddamn job you know, and it's not an easy one.  So I don't care if I talk about it.  

It's the weekend, right Webmaster?

Too schmoozy for some?
Too boring for others?
Too bad--back to unrestricted.
Good thinkin' Mrs. Lincoln.

Ah!!!!    SUNday...

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