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Posted by Ethel on 03/03/02 - 17:26:07
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At school there is a large part of our parent community who proudly, and strictly, teach, and with good reason, that if anyone hits you (etc.)----you hit them BACK and HARDER.  Name calling----same thing.  Escalation? Who cares,
let the chips fall where they may.

Though we don't wish to go against parents' teachings at school, we say, PLEASE be a wuss(ostensibly), and go directly to a yard supervisor and learn to TALK out this problem.
WHICH, surprisingly, DOES work sometimes.

We, ALSO, do not want children to have to cross the playground avoiding bully #1 and bully #2 and the 'gang' of cronies.  Yet all of our $ spent on in-service, conflict mediation programs, Days of Respect, continuous wisdom inputs from literature,
provision of a well-structured environment, and on and on and on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Do Not result in a peaceful setting.  

The violence continues to erupt.
Just like you said.

Don't get me wrong.  It's not necessarily caused by any child who's parent teaches "FIGHT BACK".

It's caused by whatever unfair bully, male or female, of any stripe at all, perpetrates it.
School is like a social micro-world.    Eth

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