Ethel.........and perspective

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Posted by don aters on 03/03/02 - 16:56:05
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If our lives could revolve around the things and people we love, nights with Dennis Mcnally, and bands of given clout, all would be wonderful.
It's not easy to convey what it's like to fel as if you will die suddenly, away from those you like and your family.  Will the good things about you be remembered or qwill it be "I remember that guy?"
It's a stiga, but also an attitude that comes from inner city living, Vietnam, an attempted murder and knowing that no mater how we color it, this is a violent world and all the "peace and love" that exists will not balance the amount of criminal minds in this country or the rest of the world.
If you have to die for something, it's best to go out for your friends, family, the things you love and take no fuckin prisoners.
It's perspective....if you called me and said Ray was in trouble and he's alone.  I would commute and see what the malady seemed to be.  There is a group of ten adult men and obviously he has no chance.  Do you think two tours in Vietnam, training in Coronado and some knowledge of self defense in a situation with tremeddous disparity would allow us to escape?  Absolutely not, but............I'd rather go down in tandem than let him go down alone.  All they can do is beat you, they can't eat ya.
Giving ground is sometimes a concession not easily condoned but, if they don't kill you, you go back every day until you get it right.  No one should have to cross the street due to fear from others.  Size, age, etc., becomes meaningless when fear engulfs a person.
After I healed years ago, an ethnic group wanted to take a new stereo from me and with six of them and chains, knives, etc., i should have just relented and allowed them to have it but..............not to be.  Upon examination of the event, I told them there was only one "bad" guy here and that was me.  One particularly evil guy said, "White boy, what makes you so "bad"?.. The answer????  I had the fuckin gun and if need be, after a decade of plastic surgery and rehab, a 22 shot German lugar..........I would have killed every fuckin one of them.
Is that what we strive for through music and a way of life that we have tried to perpetuate for over three decades?  No........but....sometimes you are the "fucker" and other, "The fuckee".
Off to the basketball game,

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