your thoughts [and my memorys] of: UK touring

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Posted by John on 03/03/02 - 16:25:41
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are good ones Keith.
remember scanning your post re: BB&HC @ playhouse.
am sure your ideas have been considered by MC&PK!

i think shooting for a break even tour is not a
great idea, just to promote future tours and CD's.
[in my humble opinion]to "burn" promoters is the
kiss of may not see my pals BB&HC again.

dont get me wrong..i LOVE the UK in a huge way and
have even set off solo to vacation there before.
[climate is much like here @ the golden gate bridge!]
my experience touring there has been totally unreal..hmmm [many may want to skip memory lane]

first time i went was with Chris Isaak in 89?,
stayed behind to hang out for a week or two..
even caught the WHO playing Tommy twice! @ royal albert hall
[lucky for me, 1 box seat was returned as i was
just looking around, unaware there was even a show!]
other even more memorable tours include,

Robert Cray..several shows scattered around the UK
i used to play percussion with them too and had a
kick playing on the good old BBC/tv
we even opened for Clapton at Wembley if my memory serves me..
[i was part of the 80's indulgences as you stated before haha..]
knock at the dressing room door seconds after set
at hammersmith..
swetty guys changing..cant let anybody in just yet
super polite man says..excuse me but my name is
Steve Winwood and this is my mate Jim Capaldi,
we would love to say hi to the guys for a minute
f*uk#n Traffic knockin at the door! [let them right in]
caught Clapton during "24 nights" twice even..
waiting out the start of the gulf war there as the
only american band [brave or dumb] to keep tourin!

Huey Lewis and the News..same deal..full tour of UK. Brian Conley show too [is he still on the air?]
[kind of like Leno or Letterman for our USA crew]
[even fell for the super lovely and down to earth Mary MaCartney]

played Wembly and NEC? arenas again with Carlos Santana in 90?

i skipped the 24 hour trip to London last time to
get a proper head start to Amsterdam..hehe..he.

all in all i have spent about 7 weeks in the UK,
playing, crewing, touring, pub crawling, rehersing..ect..

i would come over just to have a cupa tea even..
HELL i even like your food there..does curry count?
lazy sunday afternoon here..sorry for the long post

where were we now...promotion would be critical
some phone & press interviews would be required
the grassroots team efforts of yourself, Adrian,
MC&PK [nach] Bill, Steve & local promoters would be key.
my influence with the JS office? haha..very little
they dont need my influence..they do a super job
as i said in a detailed post a few weeks back
there are a million happy fans of mission control worldwide!
and i am one of them too.

been happy to be in the WAY >> background of late
fortunate to get hired to do the show i wanted to.
europa, maui, florida, NYC [of course!] arrowfest, SF
you never know, things may change..

[keep your fingers & toes crossed for luck. hope to see you on your side of the big pond soon]

all the best,

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