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Posted by don aters on 03/03/02 - 12:36:58
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Certainly well structured and to some degree, quite true.  however, if this country were to conced to every whim from another country since it's inception 200 plus years ago, it wouldn't be The United States Of America nor would we probably be speaking fluent english.  
This country commits a daily dosage of evil, no doubt about it, benn there, and been implicated in two years of it myself's still the best place to be and speaking from and for those who have spent time in a combat zone and the fear of dying in an unknown land, condoning the death of civilian lives and atrocities or in theory justifying such events, won't wash.
In some countries, the thought of listening to Jefferson Starship is a dream, a myth, andthe music is a healing solvent, always has been, will continue to be.
If for no other reason, justification of travesties like Vietnam can best be rationalized by the thought of, it's America and they can play what they want, when they want and i can subsequently listen when so desired.
All those with harsh opinions of "War in America" and or by America, take a poll and see how many of those were actually in a war, spent time in a combat zone and I'm not speaking about two weeks in Saudie.................still, I bow to your convictions.  Unfortunately, if you want to continue to listen randomly, play, go when and where you want, you have to defend within the structured parameters of your own country and it's beliefs.
I wish it could be what was "the dream" of "flower children" but, even though i was only 19, I knew it couldn't work.  That doesn't keep me from living that dream anyway, and I've spent a fortune of my own money, time, travel, helped book bands in venues and festivals across the country and never paid a dime for the efforts.  Why7  It's the best way, musicians like PK, Jerry Miller, JT, Country Joe, and a horde of others saw the effect of the music and how it defined society and culture.
Would I go back to allow others the right to listen to JA/JS, Moby Grape, Quicksilver, The Allman brothers......... would i kill for this country after what I've seen, done and a decade of plastic surgery and bet your ass i would.
Would i like it?......No, it breeds violence but this is a violent place and planet so....."When in Rome"................

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