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Posted by Kenny on 03/03/02 - 07:59:08
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Lets see.  Are you saying that you ALWAYS say what it is that you feel?  You never seek to keep your feelings on any given topic to yourself?  You feel compelled to share them at all times, sparing not the (over)sensitivities of those around you?  You've never changed your mind on any opinion you held 25 years ago?  

In these times of political correctness, one cannot always (hardly ever?) say what it is they really feel.

Example:  Name anyone who says "profiling" on airlines is a good idea?  Despite the fact that 99 percent of the atrocities committed in the past 25 years or so (starting at the Munich Olympics, through embassy bombinbs, marine barracks bombings, suicide bombings, trade center attacks 1,2, and 3) are mostly conducted by middle eastern men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s?

No, because good idea or not, its not "politically correct". The fact is, screening these types exclusively will yield more n'eer-do-wells than including 80 year old Grandmothers or a family of tourists from Sweden.

Obviously, Nixon was whacked out.  His paranoia ALWAYS WAS out there for all to see, so these "revelations" should be nothing new to us.  Its hard to buy into this whole "Jewish Media" thing any way you slice or dice it.  But you can't tell me that Billy Graham may not have come to regret something he said 25 years ago.  Most of us regret things we've said in the past six weeks.  Opinions can change, you know.

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