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Posted by Christo on 03/03/02 - 05:43:34
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Sorry - I'm well off-tropic here but stuff that made me think came my way and who ya gonna share it with but my felow crewmembers on A-Deck

1. "If sunbeams were weapons everyone would've had solar energy decades ago." - on some solar blurb that came in the post

2. The late great John Brunner - writer of classic distopias like Stand on Zanzibar, Jagged Orbit and The Sheep Look Up etc etc. I found a little "Book of John Brunner" which had a coupla little gems in it

2a. - I can sooo hear Paul reading this at a gig :-) - Hope you like it Paul, or perhaps you are familiar with it already...

What We Have Here

"What we have here is a failure to communicate"
- Graffito in hallway of slum apartment building,
Lower East Side, New York 1968
When those creaturs who had men for ancestors
Set off in the ember glow of the dying galaxy
In search of fellow mourners for it's funeral
They came very shortly to Arcturus
And there found bones in heaps around machines
Which had been listening to the sky a million years

And likewise found at Regulus and Rigel
And Deneb and Polaris and Denebola
And Canopus and Capella and Achernar
And sixty systems in the Magellanic Clouds
- piles up bones -
       and electronic ears
Listening and listening
       wjile no one spoke

3. And to cheer you all a little - set to the trad. tune of Mocking Bird...

Lullaby for the Mad Scientists Daughter

Hush little baby button your lip
papa gonna build you a rocket ship
If that rocket ship abort
Papa gonna build you an aquanaut

If that aquanaut blow up
Papa gonna build youa robot pub
If that robot pup should bite
Papa gonna build you a satellite

If that satellite got bugs
Papa gonna mix you some wonder drugs
If that Mixture turn you green
Papa gonna build you a time machine

If that time machine's no fun
Papa gonna build you a blaster gun
If that blaster gun works fine
Papa gonna build a little boy next time

RIP John Brunner

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