good job Keith....funny even!

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Posted by John Murray on 03/03/02 - 01:47:32
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very good job Keith..[looks like a winner to me!!]

FYI: *******just for fun*******no betting*******

PAUL: drove porshe 911's..first one i remember was black, then a new gold one :)
he used to terriorize my neighborhood in them! Zoom..

GRACE: correct on the beloved black aston martin,
the other 2 were a delorian and a white VW rabbit.

MONICA: [her name is on cover.. easy] was Craig's g-friend [half point]

JACKIE: correct, have accupunture appointments
given by P&G's gung-fu teacher weekly w/ her..
just love her..we go right into storytime..& LOL!
also present is the sound legend Howard [J*S/Dead]

GEAR: the brand i was searching for was Carvin..
BUT..Peavy gave us piles of gear too..[half point]

JACKET: correct, staff coat looks japanese 2 me

SHOW: was indeed on NYE even! at "x's before Bill Graham
bought it and renamed it wolfgangs [his real name]
[point & a half credit!]

Ooops: one wrong, PK played piano on the song Stranger..
on Save your Love the band was joined by a 20 yr old
for about a year! or so..[howard did it first]
may save this question for the next time round!

lets see...tally up the count..way to go! your hired!

forgot about the BG mental spastic comment....LOL

dont think MC's "far too nice" to them at all..
he rides PK [&co] to strech and learn new songs,
re-learn decades lost, rarely played treasures,
and tells it like it is 24/7. [seldom sugar-coated]

all this kidding aside...glad your on board Keith!
have a good weekend,


[now that your offical and all..get off your bum
and help get us a great tour in the UK already!!]

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