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Posted by Defeated Fundamentalist on 03/03/02 - 00:37:28
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No idea what cars PK drove 78-82.

Grace had an Aston Martini - the famous pulling the dollars from her bra episode - and a Ferrari, I think. Don't know any more.

Monica Clemens was on the cover of "MODERN TIMES".

Was it Peavey supplied equipment for the band? Certainly Craig and Pete featured in Peavey ads in the "We Built This City" era.

Jackie Kaukonen (nee Watts) ran 2400 Fulton.

PK played the keyboards on "Save Your Love". Wasn't that the one that Mickey also played rhythm on?

The caligraphy on "SPITFIRE" was Japanese - not Chinese as was commonly believed at the time - so can only assume that was the same on the tour jackets. (Since the lazy fuckers hardly ever play the UK, we don't get the benefit of tour jackerts. Grrrr!!!)

It was X's San Francisco on New Year's Eve that hosted the record-breaking radio broadcast - and a
"KING BISCUIT" album was cut from it.

Well, I guess that mediocre performance scuppers my job application to be the band's historian!!

As to Bill Thompson having a hard time with the lazy fuckers - "lazy fuckers" has quite a ring to it, in describing our heroes, doesn't it? (Though, before MC starts SHOUTING, yes, I acknowedge that work rates improved considerably in the 90s!) - too true! Remember Bill Graham described them as "mental spastics".

But that was my point!

It needed a vicious bully like Graham or Katz to get them to work and to focus. An excellent workhorse co-ordinator like Bill Thompson simply couldn't handle them.

And, for all that he likes to SHOUT in his postings, I do worry that MC's far too nice to them. He should practice calling Marty "an INSECURE TWAT!" at least once a week and PK "a FUCKING CUNT!" at least twice a day. Then I'll be confident he's on top of them!

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