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Posted by Christo on 03/02/02 - 19:04:49
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For transpondian folks in Europe the Jefferson Starship "Definitive Concert" 1983 from Vancouver DVD is now out on Region 2 DVD - note we are not Europeans - we are from Region 2 - "I am not a number - I'm a free man!!"

Yup the sound is muffly, the picture is woolly, there is an irritating satellite DJ that pops up now and again for "humerous!" bits and there are attempts at grainy arty bits during the songs -  but its fun to see the guys being pop stars - tho the fashions of the day look pretty nerdy now. Paul looks cool , and how can Grace not?

Fun to see Cleveland, and Out of Control especially.

Hmmmn - 1983 -... time for another DVD with Next Gen I reckon. Every 19 years seems about right

Peace to A-deckers from Region 2

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