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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 03/02/02 - 12:04:11
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All this stuff about Jews... while Sammy Davis Jr. was dishing out for Tricky...  You would think that if any of this stuff were serious they would've thought about Henry Kissinger...

Richard Nixon was Archie Bunker as President, the plebeian counterpoint to the Eastern Establishment, and his later life ranged in opposition to the hoity-toities of the East Coast (read: Kennedy).  Presidential character is, however, just a dodge,  but it does help us explain why some people and not others get to be President.  Nixon's character, that of the pathological liar, was apparently formed in between a pious Quaker mother and a violent cruel father -- see Fawn M. Brodie's RICHARD NIXON: THE SHAPING OF HIS CHARACTER.  He learned to lie to mom while playing power-games with dad, a formative lesson for later life.

Check out Ollie Stone's NIXON, also Collier and Kolodny's SECRET COUP.  Nixon operated one conspiracy among many, and the fact that his private conspiracy was caught (possibly in a sting pulled by John Dean) doubtless revealed to many Americans the true behind-the-media-facade nature of American politics.  See for instance W. D. Ehrhart's PASSING TIME: MEMOIR OF A VIETNAM VETERAN AGAINST THE WAR.

Now, we still have Chomsky, and when he dies, then what?

Nixon was one of the last Presidents to do anything good -- he created the EPA -- and beside him, the next bunch look like routine caretakers of an immensely powerful terrorist state.

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