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Posted by Cricket on 03/02/02 - 11:01:39
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Wasn't it Billy Graham who sometime in the '80's "slipped" & said in public: "I don't believe Jesus Christ hears the prayers of a Jew"... & then spent weeks retracting & doing the "some of my best friends" number?

& So in this taped conversation, "a lot of Jews are great friends" of his; they "...swarm around me and are friendly to me..."
[Inspired by the good Reverend, I'd also like to thank all my friends for SWARMING...]

"A-------" is right.

No surprise about Nixon, either, of course.

500 hours of tapes from his conversations were released yesterday, & it'll be interesting to see WHICH ones AP reporters & local editors decide to devote space to over the coming weeks.  

I thought about our current situation (apparently severe restrictions on what reporters can know & write about Afghanistan & other aspects of this "war on terrorism" -- all invoked in the name of national security)...  Optimistically, I guess, I'd hope that newspapers would highlight stories like this one as a way subtly to remind us of how often we're lied to & manipulated by those in power -- and how little we know about their true agendas...
(On the other hand, doing so can also breed more cynicism & passivity -- and I worry about that, too.)

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