Graham/Nixon redux

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Posted by PK again on 03/02/02 - 10:25:57
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Apparently, enough of you, like me, had called in to grouse about the 'spike' on the AP Billy Graham anti-Jew-rant story...

This morning the SF Chronicle got around to running the story, on page 3
There was a lot of complaint from locals initially.
I haven't checked the Saturday NY Times out yet, but will soon

Oddly, the only local paper that carried the story in a timely fashion (Friday's morning paper, after the CNN story on Thursday night), that I found in the SF Bay Area (Bay Areans???), was the San Jose Mercury News
...oh, the shame...
     There must have been SOME others - the Novato News??, the Berkeley whatever???) but I didn't see them

so - kudos for those of you who called in, in one way or another

San Francisco

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