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Posted by John Murray on 03/02/02 - 03:30:08
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still amazed you know all that stuff from all the way across the pond!
kind of brutal on old billy bob don't you think?
should blame him for alot of the success they did have too.
the bands historian? ha gig keith!!
wish i had time to properly answer your posting..
grunt records was a great idea at the time.
[yes,it must have been hard to manage it all]
got the control back into the hands of the artists!

i worked for Bill as a teenager..still friends too
we co-produced the largest concert EVER on Guam
with over 10% of the islands population in attendance [Santana]
he still had time to raise a kid as a single dad.
followed him around the country for years learning the biz.
he was amazing as a boss...very cool to work for.
do you think it was easy managing that group back then? yikes..
think about it 6 giant genius egos all pushing him hard.
even uncle bobo [bill graham] had his hands full.

-----possible triva contest for some old swag--------

what make and color cars did PK drive in say 78-82?
name 3 sports cars grace owned aprox 78-85
who's girlfriend was ON the cover of modern times?
what company sent JS TONS of free amps & guitars to use?
whats the name of the gal who RAN 2400 fulton st?
who was that kid ON stage playing the prophet 10 on save your love [80]?
how were the bands names written on the spitfire tour jackets?
what venue hosted our record breaking live radiocast [79]?
you may be the only one to ever get any of these right!

hope all is well in the good old UK!
look forward to meeting you one day!


another loyal [and good!] servant of the band

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