The proof is in the pudding

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Posted by Paul S. on 03/02/02 - 00:19:44
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It couldn't have been easy explaining the deaths of American's in Vietnam witnessed each and every night on television. And giving support or creedence to civil rights and the anti-war movement I'm sure really pissed them off. IMO they're both sick assholes with no soul. I love it when people(and I use the term loosely) tell me what God wants, I just fuckin' love it. The day Dick died I'm sure alot people breathed a sigh of relief that the fucker was dead. He was very intelligent, but he sure was a dumb ass.   P.S. Ever see the movie "Elvis meets Nixon"? A must see. The funniest part is it actually happened. Check it out, you'll laugh your ass off. Peace

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