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Posted by W7 on 03/01/02 - 18:07:53
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So I'm taking up too much space huh!  They have alot of nerve critizing my weight, right Ginger?
I'm trying a diet but after our night out (the above) I must have put on 95lbs more!  Thanks for confirming that there was a deletion,and that this is strange, I think part of my situation is the new computer with alot of memory and not much on it, for some reason it keeps crashing on me making easy communication a real pain.  I start reading and boom its frozen, then starting all over again.
I should just pull out my copy of the post and repost it!  They probably don't believe about the genepool although it is so true.  Even worse is that I was born on 7/3, so I'm always being told
"Almost a firecracker!"  Being born around a holiday is no fun, especially when you are Mr. America,that's me!  You know its nice chatting with you, so non life threatening, are you joining JS3C?

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