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Posted by Ethel on 02/28/02 - 20:31:07
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Ray and I have selected the more intimate setting of the Mystic Theatre to see Hot Tuna on March 9, for the continuation of 'The Education of Ethel'.  My concern about doing so is nil.  And, in fact, I'm excited.

For those who have more background, and basis for their feelings, I'm sure a far different stance
could be appropriate.  I sure recall in intimate detail the lengthy "LOST THREADS" of July 2001.......

For once, I MUST see the players in the drama---
since I NEVER HAVE.  I did catch a HINT at Wavy's
event, and we have since caught up with CDs.   Of course, I remember the group from its work back when.  

I thought Jorma, or an alter-ego person of his ilk, may have been on-line with Paul on this A-deck last summer. BUT who knows?  I DO recall the give and take, CLEARLY........speaking of the 'lurk', or presence factor, since someone asked.  

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