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Posted by don aters on 02/28/02 - 19:25:04
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For the record, i don't do camps, especially in the cold of metropolitan Cleveland area.  frankly, for what I've done for them, traveling, images, reviews, etc., seems as if they would respond but if they don't.........they don't.
Sometimes icons appear to be those we most want to emulate, a life of "living color" when in reality, it's just a bland "Black & White".
I can do other things and bands, such as this one and attitude only seems to being out the same in others.
I couldn't care less about his motorcycle or weight lifting, I doubt that he strikes fear into anyone's heart........well, maybe Jack.
I do what i can as often as i can but "giving' seems to be getting a bit old.
If i don't hear from them about the shows at The Fillmore and or The Mystic, I'll watch basketball and never do another Hot Tuna show.  I've got several hundred images of them anyway so it doesn't matter.

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