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Posted by Stuart Drucker on 02/28/02 - 18:53:40
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I couldn't get it to play on my two-year-old Sony DVD/VCD/CD player, but it played fine on my laptop CD drive. My guess is you need a DVD or CD player that can play CD-R or CD-RW rather than simply audio CDs.

A workaround might be to play it on your computer, and then take some audio cables that could connect from the headphone or Audio Out jack of the PC to an auxilliary input on your receiver.  That's what I do to listen to Internet radio at home too.

Monster Cables has cables that have one jack coming from the PC and two jacks that go into the left and right aux ports. I don't know if you'll get the same clarity as if it's directly being played fron a component DVD or CD player into your A/V system.

At least I have an excuse now to get a newer-model DVD player that can handle progressive scan CDs as well!


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