Cricket..........and Hot Tuna

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Posted by don aters on 02/28/02 - 12:56:35
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Just go cricket, you will love's about the music not who is running for "Homecoming King".  Everyone knows that jack is my idol, have an entire room of signed 11x14 images of him but even he has mood swings.  He sent me a one line EM last week, "Vanessa handles all photo access...........JC"
She is difficult to deal with, married to Jorma andthat entire faction is not always playing with the oars touching the water.
You would think that after using a myriad of images on the "Tuna" site, giving them $$$$$$ worth of images over the years that it wouldn't be a problem but apparently it is.  All that said, it doesn't temper the playing of Jack & Jorma.  Jack has his own legacy, i.e., all the way back to playing with Hendrix on a few tracks and Jorma has gone from mediocrity to one of the great players on the planet.
Attitude is a deterrent in some cases, such as reviews, editorials, whatever but is not directly linked to the live performance.
Look at it as two Hall Of Fame musicians and be happy that you can see them play with such a great retention of skills.

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