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Posted by Cricket on 02/28/02 - 09:12:35
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the reaction I described is relatively rare & not systemic (& I don't feel nearly the same level of engagement with most other artists). Your response (& Cathode's & swan's) is of course "sensible", "logical," "mature" -- all that, I'm sure... Would you hold it against me if I said I thought it was the sort that would be considered "normal"?! (I mean no offense...)

Still, this got me thinking again about some old, recurring questions I can appreciate "logically" from at least two different sides. Don't want to go on & on here, so let's just say, questions, like: what kinds of qualities & circumstances determine how much our personal feelings about the artist influence our appreciation of his or her work (what in us/what about the artist)-- how do some people readily make the separations that allow them to try to take a work "on its own terms" & independent of its maker, where some can't, & some don't want to?  Is there such a thing as "its own terms"; how are contexts relevant -- etc. etc.  (Can you tell I was the type who used to stay up talking all night with friends?  These days, I give less thought to such questions & tend just to go enjoy what I love.  But now & then, something brings me back...)

Anyway, enough.  I'm not having "a problem with" my own response or anyone else's (re: Hot Tuna) -- I'm just interested in how you & others here think & feel about such issues generally...
& I guess that'll be clearer over time as we get to know each other, too --

A good day to all --

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