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Posted by Aye Sea on 02/28/02 - 08:48:49
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I joined right after half-time and I'm still waiting.  Must be being carried to us by a real snail.  Webmaster says he and the chimps did their part, now it's up to the Postmaster General.  Maybe the packages are being held for testing for the 'thrax.  Or maybe they're making a list of recipients, or....maybe I'm just getting too anxious.  You'd think after 5 decades we'd learn a little patience.  Hope the package arrives by Saturday since it's my birthday and we're having a big party and there'll be several JeffShip admirers in attendance and I've been teasing them by relating the PERRO stories posted at crosbynash, etc.  In the meantime, let's raise a toast to the snails and the chimps and the raccoons and all the other slimy fuzzy critters we love so well!  

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