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Posted by mike on 02/28/02 - 01:16:27
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Lisa taught me this: Guru A and Guru B had a test of strength. Guru A used his magic power to make his body hard as a diamond. Guru B swung his sword at Guru A with all his might but it merely glanced off Guru A's body. There was not a scratch. Then it was Guru A's turn to strike the blow. Guru B used his magic power to become first irridescent, then transparent, finally absent- although Maya, Feminine Power of Illusion, made it appear that Guru B was still solid and unchanged. Guru A struck a mighty blow which simply passed through Guru B~ Guru A graciously accepted defeat and bowed respectfully to Guru B. This may or may not relate to Survival Strategies in our current situation, including how a person may choose to handle the privacy problem. Good night -Mike

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