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Posted by Cricket on 02/28/02 - 01:11:33
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I laughed too (at PK's "Lapdog" remark)--
& then kept shifting between feeling pissed off at J/J and very sad...
This may be the first time in some years that I DON'T go see them, & it feels a bit like "no longer speaking to" someone in your family or to a formerly close friend.

In other words, I'm not having much success in "compartmentalizing" such feelings -- i.e. separating how much I can enjoy hearing them play & how much pleasure their music has given me over the years -- from my feelings about their behavior toward Paul.  Jorma's lawsuit, particularly.  And then, as of yesterday, the news about their stance vis a vis: a message board on the JA site.

Maybe, you've got a thicker hide, Kev -- & ditto my friend who thinks I take such things way too much to heart & should be considering "other sides to the story" & should go with him to the show.

Can't do it, don't want to -- and regret that this is the case. As much as I appreciate an artist's skill (and in Jorma & Jack's case, real gifts), my sense of who that person is as a human being -- the quality of his or her heart -- counts for a lot.  More than a lot... which is why I'm HERE & will "sit this one out."

I'm not saying this to criticize in any way YOUR choice to go -- but I'm interested in how you think about it & whether it gave you any pause.  For me, what it comes down to is that "under the circumstances" I think I couldn't enjoy it.

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