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Posted by mike on 02/27/02 - 19:26:32
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I do not know anyone who has been diagnosed w/ lyme- strike that- one lady from the Main Line that passed away from something else. But the lyme factor took away her joy in gardening which had been her life's work I suppose as a woman of means... I really can't get too specific about Edna's family although they are very unlikely to read or get feedback from my posts. Just a taste, her youngest son is now in and out of Halfway Houses and sometimes sleeps over heating vents in the sidewalk. Edna btw I consider a "good mother" (not that I have any qualifications to judge) and I do not know if or how much her attitude toward her babies contributed to the subsequent conditions of their lives. SAVED by AOL bell from rest of bummer log~Peace Carolyn~

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