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Posted by carolyn on 02/27/02 - 13:49:08
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your welcome.  

upsetting to hear about your friend edna.  she's got it all wrong!  no such thing as a bad baby.  if they cry, they are crying for a reason.  doctors are just too clueless to figure it out.  i think everyone knows what i think of drs.!!!!!!

she's from philly?   i think most of us have been exposed to lyme here.  some of us more than others.  maybe she has bigtime neuro-psych lyme?  i always wonder about the moms suffering from alleged post partum depression and end up harming thier babies.  did the stress of pregnancy and childbirth bring out dormant lyme?  i never felt like throwing my baby out the window (thought about throwing the mum in law out the window though), but i know how weak and sick i was after my son was born, and i do not know how we got through it.  and i do know, as much as i love children, and as much as i had wanted a third, i cannot take care of another baby.

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