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Posted by carolyn on 02/27/02 - 12:48:53
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i'm a health food mom so i did not want to use a ny chem meds.  how old is your baby?  my daughter was severely colicky.  i just nursed her constantly while tapping my foot to sort of rock her to sleep.  i also danced her around and sang to her.  exploring local highways is a break from the crying as long as you were going at least 50 miles per hr and did not have to stop at a traffic light.  credence clearwater revival was one of her favorites.  and baby tree of course.  i would nurse her to sleep, carefully put her into her moses basket on her back, wait 1/2 hr., then gingerly turn her over on her stomach.  often she would wake, and the process would start over again.  babies should not be put to sleep on thier stomachs!!!!!  it's a sids risk.  at the time (1990), our pediatrition insisted she be put to sleep on her stomach even though i told her my daughter made funny breathing sounds i worried about.  for naps, i would lay in bed and nurse her and when she would start to drift off, slip a paci in her mouth. usually, she would not take a paci, but it worked at naps.  also steering clear of loud, clueless, overbearing mother-in-laws helps.  oh! and swadleing.  you wrap a baby blanket very tight like a papoose and then over a bed, holding the baby face up horizontally, raise the baby up and down.  also , putting the baby in the moses basket and lifting up and down works.  just watch the handles, ours started to fray.

with my son, we thought we had an easy baby for the first three weeks.  but then he got really fussy.  he was sick with congenital lyme disease and had digestive problems and breathing problems, but this went undiagnosed until he was six.  he did not like singing, swaddling did not work, nor did the car because as a doctor told me years later, he could not breathe well in the infant seat.  i was afraid to take my daughter into bed with me as a newborn because i was told the baby is in danger of you rolling over and somthering the infant.  the cases where this happens, it is usually the father and the father is intoxicated.  a nursing mom has a sixth sense and will not roll over on her baby.  my son slept in my arms for the first 7 months, his head in the crook of my arms so he could breathe.  for naps, i would nurse him to sleep, carfully lower his head to my leg and then stay still for the duration of his nap.

i bought an emmiljunga baby carraige on clearance sale that turned out to be one of the best baby items.  it is and old fashioned type carriage with good shock absorbers.  i would go on a five mile walk every afternoon, sing to her until she fell asleep, and that is how she got her afternoon nap.  mama didn't get much sleep though.  i put a lot of miles on that carriage.  it didn't work for my son though because of his problems breathing lying flat on his back.

i also had a cradle, but didn't work for my kids.  going for walks with the baby in a backpack or snuggly sometimes works.  baby swings worked sometimes too.  also, if your baby is sensitive to lights and sounds, keep the lights dim and sounds low.  keep loud inlaws away.  constant loud sounds however also help colicky babies.  try running the vacumn cleaner.

if you have a very fussy baby, in all seriousness, consider you and the mother getting tested for lyme disease even if you do not think you are sick. it is far more common than the government is telling people.  contrary to what the cdc says, you can pass it on congenitally and through breast milk.  it is found in all the body fluids and so very likely is also an s.t.d.  the standard blood tests are basically useless.  you need to have a western blot done at a good lab and request all pos bands reported.  also pcr testing which tests directly for the dna.  problem is, it comes back false neg 80% of the time.  but if it is pos, at least you know.  also test for the coinfections.  igenex lab in palo alto ,CA is one of the best labs for testing.  mdl in mt laurel NJ is good as is bbi labs in Conn. and specialty labs. is a good website for further info,  as is sci. med.  the link for is currently listed under med questions on lymenet.  i clicked on yesterday, and apparently is undergoing a troll invasion right now.  not all websites on lyme are good., harvard neuro site and quackwatch are not good.

if your babies older, letting the baby cry it out for ten or fifteen minute intervals may help.  sometimes everyone is stressed and after crying for a little, your baby may settle down.  good luck, and let me know if you have any further questions.

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