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Posted by Chirper on 02/27/02 - 10:56:36
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Welcome to the world,
day 3...

A few lines for you & your mom & dad,
from "A Song of Joys"
(Walt Whitman, LEAVES OF GRASS)

O to make the most jubilant song!
Full of music -- full of manhood, womanhood, infancy!
Full of common employments -- full of grain and trees.

O for the voices of animals-- O for the swiftness and balance of fishes!
O for the dropping of raindrops in a song!
O for the sunshine and motion of motion of waves in a song!

O the joy of my spirit -- it is uncaged -- it darts like lightening!
It is not enough to have this globe or a certain time,
I will have thousands of globes and all time.

O the mother's [and father's] joys!
The watching, the endurance, the precious love, the anguish, the patiently yielded life.

O the joy of increase, growth, recuperation,
The joy of soothing and pacifying, the joy of concord and harmony.

O to realize space!
The plenteousness of all, that there are no bounds,
To emerge and be of the sky, of the sun and moon and flying
     clouds, as one with them.

O to have life henceforth a poem of new joys!
To dance, clap hands, exult, shout, skip, leap, roll on, float on!
To be a sailor of the world bound for all ports,
A ship itself, (see indeed these sails I spread to the sun and air,)
A swift and swelling ship full of rich words, full of joys. "

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