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Posted by Cricket on 02/27/02 - 09:21:13
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Hey, mk --

My understanding is that "'lurkers' R us"...when we're online & reading, without announcing our presence.  I guess you'd especially qualify for that designation if you haunted a board & no one EVER knew you were there.  

OED definitions for "lurk" include: "...the action of prowling about; [slang] a method of fraud; to hide oneself; to lie in ambush; to shirk work; to idle."

I am quite familiar with those last two in particular...

As for your question @ Jorma, who knows?  What makes me doubt it is, first, a fantasy that if he did lurk here he'd see all those qualities Eth so eloquently mentioned yesterday -- the insight, fun, community, loyalty, & love that Paul & the people on this board inspire... & Then the fantasy splits into: a) If he did see this, how could he object to a message board on the JA site?  Or, b) If he's pissed off at PK, why would he want to know about any successes of his?  And then I get to, c) Let's just get back to playing, words, jokes; que sera sera...

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