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Posted by Christo on 02/27/02 - 05:07:17
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a note in haste

Have you been to a filk con ? ( Filk = sci-fi folk) - often the music is pleasantly amauer but I love the people. I go to and play at a few now.

As for sci-fi - well I tend to read the old authors - Charles Harness, RA Lafferty, Lem, the Strugatskys but I find the odd new author I like - one so is Ian McDonald - Desolation Road, I just finished Chaga which was great and has a sequel - and Out On Blue Six, Sacrifice of Fools - all of them great reads

I concur with Varley have enjoyed Steel Beach and others tho found the Wizard trilogy a bit too fantasy for me.

Another WONDERFUL author is John Kessell - Freedom Beach, Good News from Outer Space (has some biting satire) and Corrupting Dr Nice. - all of these stand good comparison with the greats

For complete sillyness Ron Goulart can still make me laugh - After Things Fell Apart has a retirement home for aged Rock n Roll stars :-)

guess I wasnt so much in haste after all :-)

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