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Posted by E on 02/26/02 - 20:27:14
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It is of note that you find multiple daily posts of WOMEN only to be Yawners.

Don't forget, we often have significant multiple posting----OR, I prefer calling it communication--
by Kevin R, Schmidt, Don Aters, Paul S., Christo--mmmmmmmmmm!  Their posts are of GREATER interest than ours, apparently.   BUT WAIT___they're talking to US.  and Liz, too.  and Pam.......

SO by way of further understanding, for one thing:

It is of NOTE that is HAS BEEN demonstrated (not that research is worth a hill of beans), that women have a NEED to communicate thousands more words a day than men!!!!

GIVEN THAT-I think we're quite restrained.

Of course, if you would prefer an Old Boys School--I guess you'd have to find it somewhere else.

I do ADMIT it needs work.  I make post limitation vows constantly, and yet STILL overlap.

Like now.

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