fun game to play with babies

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Posted by carolyn on 02/26/02 - 19:26:58
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here's a game i played with my babies. such smart creatures. at two months, you lay them on their back.  you tap the back of thier hands, then hold your thumbs where they can easily grab them and say reach up to mama.  they will look at you trying to figure out what you are up to.  repeat, ane they will get the idea and grab onto to your thumbs.  then you say "lets sit up", and you pull them up to sitting.  but let them do some of the pulling up.  then lay them back down and repeat.

at four months, when they can stand, when you have them sitting up, say "ok, lets stand up now" and pull them to standing.  but again, let them put some effort into pulling thimself up.  when they are standing, say "lets sit down now", and shake your head downwards as you are saying it.  they will get the idea and plop down on their little, fat, diaper bottoms.  this was a favorite game for my kids and i think why they both sat up early and started talking early.  even my son who was a weak, sickly baby.  have fun!

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