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Posted by Eth on 02/26/02 - 01:56:11
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We were recently talking Twain, here.

INDEED, the mourning, and potential stench encounter----quickly precipitated a new career path.  Quite Undesirable, as well, but well paying for babies, and well estbalished by the anscestors.  The SEAMAN thing is an incomparable experience---but mixes ill with family life.

Thus we found our OWN way.  And it's hard to intrude on me, 'cuz I LIKE to share.  Everyone knows that! (laughing at self)

I have found that stage directions are necessary here.  And I am an original thespian, TOO!
I said Thespian, Mike........

.....get the hook, Christo.

I just handled 50 live snails--that was really, really fun!!!!!!

Music-"This Old Man"

Hi little snail, are you well?
Are you happy in your shell?
What will ya do when people come around?.......

You see?  I NEED adult company

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