Possible ReasonWhy I Quit " Work"(Caveat:Possible Bummer)

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Posted by mk on 02/26/02 - 01:03:57
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My last "straight" job was as a Paid Mourner at a Jewish Funeral Home in Brooklyn  around KBC band time (see how easy you can satisfy the JS topicality thing?) I also helped lay out the Rigorized & clean & dress them-  Anyway I will not play Oh Yeah Top This w/ you on A-deck- I saw David Cronenberg-type scenes quite often- you may if so inclined email me (my "feelings" seem to be flame-retardant as well btw so no need to self-censor on my behalf )...nor discuss my aborted gig at the Kosher Salami Factory...BTW the current crematory scandal in the news is NOT untypical of certain operations...Actually kevin, the squeamish stuff & the sleazy business stuff did not bring me down nearly as much as the Paid Mourner bit- I had to deal with grieving families before the Rabbi & Funeral director arrived for the "Show"... That may have incidentally killed my youthful ambit ion to be an Actor (it is HARD work)-mike

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