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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/26/02 - 00:39:35
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OK ... this is a real MOOOOOOOving violation story.  

Back in 1997/98 basketball season,  the University of Arkansas basketball team had to play game in Texas.  Rather than go back with the rest of the team, four members of the basketball team rented a car to drive back to the UOA.  While driving down the the highway in Texas they drove under a highway overpass.  There was a cow on the overpass and somehow the cow fell off the overpass and onto the car killing one of the basketball players.  

The kid that was killed was from Alameda, CA.  When I read this in the SF Examiner I cut the story out because it was too unbelievable.  I can't find the clipping now.  But I found it on the sports page.  

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