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Posted by kevin MOOOOO schmidt on 02/26/02 - 00:15:00
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Cowtipping is only fun when your drunk.  But another cool idea would be to shoot the cow, then BBQ it, and force the vegetarians to eat scorched flesh to save themselves from their bad sprout diets.

Anyway, in highschool I delivered flowers for a florist after school.  The first time I had to make a delivery to a Tutle's Funeral Home, I was told to go in the door on the left.  On the drive over I smoked a nice Marley.  When I got there I forgot that I was suppose to go in the door on the left anf went in the door on the right.  Once inside I saw a body on the embalming table and above the table was a diagram of a steer with the chops, roast, steaks, etc.,  you would see in a butcher shop.  Only this was a person with the body charted out like a steer with steaks, chops, roast, etc..  Once I processed what I saw I said in a loud voice ... OH FUCK!!!

That was also my last day on the job ...

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