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Posted by Ethel on 02/25/02 - 20:15:56
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Yes, that was SO informative!   I read it the other day when someone kindly posted the link, maybe KB.  The PERRO concept as a whole was nothing I was even faintly familiar with, though
we did enjoy the evident collaboration on "if I Could Only..."  That mesmerizing group chant where Grace can be heard...etc.  So nice to know more about those rare happenings.

If Crosby came up with the PERRO name who cares and all, but Paul has certainly become attached to it, writing an entire vision around it!  hmm.

Changing the subject, this inspiring educational, yet hot, CD that Ray won, is really excellent.
Songs Inspired by Literature!  I am normally not impressed by such things--but this is Well Done!
Each of 16 cuts is Inspired by 'great literature'

for example; in the booklet it's like this:

Songwriter: Grace Slick
Song Title:  Rejoyce
Performed by: Jefferson Airplane

Source of Inspiration: Ulysses
Type of Literature: Novel
Author: James Joyce

Quote from the Songwriter:
"Through literacy you can begin to see the universe. Through music you can reach anybody.
Between the two there is you, unstoppable."

Suggested website:
Then the lyrics

Each selection is thoughtful and well performed.
Very surprising.  

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