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Posted by Chris Hager on 02/25/02 - 17:46:58
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You probably are NOT imagining it.  Mr. Lieberman is one of the more conservative (It might be more accurate to say less liberal.) of the democrats, and before the presidential race of 2000 was known for coming out against what he considers an excess of sex and violence in Hollywood, popular culture, including music and comic books, and the media.  He was, you may remember, one of the first (Not just in his party, but one of the FIRST) to chastise then President Clinton when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke.  Of course, when he became then Vice President Gore's running mate, he immediately flipped and took a much more liberal stance so as to not alienate many of the people from whom Gore stood to get many of his contributions.  After losing (Let's not argue the point, and let's accept that offically they lost, regardless of what we might think!) the race, Mr. Liberman, who had so much faith in the Gore/Liberman ticket that he covered both his bets and his butt by also running for his senate seat in Connecticut (Not a bad idea, as it turned out!), returned to his more conservative ways, when it comes to entertainment and the media.  At least that's how I see it.  I neither applaud nor castigate Senator Liberman for any of the above, it's just how the events of the past several years appear to me. CWH

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