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Posted by Cricket on 02/25/02 - 09:13:59
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hey, da --

If an expedition of Bay Areans comes up to meet you, would you be up for a trek to find a sleeping cow?  We could find out if what you heard was true... & as JS3C space cadets, our experiment  could allow us to get a scientific answer to the Q:
"If you startle them, WILL they 'jump over the moon'?"

Don't know if they all do this when they die, but the cow I recall best from Santa Cruz was the one that died on a weekend right in the middle of the main road to campus-- it was out there FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS on its back with legs straight up in the air. !!!  [Picture herds of usually gentle vegetarian students: STOP THE WAR!  MOVE THE COW!]

Special apology to Don:  I'm sure you're beyond-sorry now that you ever mentioned the breeding you-know-what's...
I'd stop posting like this, but -- well,
I would just hate to be...

(forgive me?)


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