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Posted by fading-chirp link on 02/24/02 - 23:23:31
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A nice association, Christo --

& is it an alien salad that was abducted
or have aliens abducted our salad?

This little link is so weak & fading (Sunday-night- tired), I fear 'tis the latter...

If Dan Quayle was "a taco short of a combination plate" (Johnny Carson), methinks I'm now SEVERAL cukes & tomatoes short of a salad...
but, hey, at least I can still spell "tomatoes".

I say this by way of apology,
not to be able to muster more than a simple "thanks" to you.

But, speaking of missing links:
no chimps today, no Artski, no Webmaster-in-file- cabinet...

Are we DEVO?


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