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Posted by Paul S. on 02/24/02 - 17:01:47
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Bands come and go, but the musicians remain. Some people just want to be rock stars and forget to honor their craft by improving and expanding upon the knowlage they already posess. The second album curse can be the determining factor on whether they had what it took in the first place to stay together as a band or continue on as working musicians. The hardest part for me is finding the right band. I've been in many and know how slack and full of shit people can be. Being a drummer I'm in a position of picking and choosing to some extent where my time would be best spent. And because I spent most of my 20's in the woodshed and gigging on weekends(unlike my former bandmates who enjoy washing dishes, getting drunk, and bragging how good they WERE) I'm just floating and sitting in with different bands until the right one comes along. Unfortunately I'm not one of those studio wiz prodigy's. Just another pull it out my ass, Johnny on the spot. There are so many good players out there, and if you don't know your shit, you're gonna be sittin' in a practice room somewhere, rehearsing shit into the ground with very little to look forward too. As for making a living out of it, well, thats an artform I have yet master. Wish me luck. "Look at the wood and the way he carves it..."

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