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Posted by Christo on 02/24/02 - 13:12:53
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I have a theory about albums which will doubtless be shot down by countless exceptions - still I think its true-ish a lot of the time with quite a few bands I like - and true of my own albums too.

1. 1st album - fresh, natural, a little naiive, we do this. Like an explosion

2, 2nd album - tries too hard. Usually an improvement in sound quality, but somehow a little too self concious

3. 3rd album - more confident - now we dont have to worry, this is what we really wanted to do

4 4th album - something different - more exotic maybe

5. 5th album - More relaxed, sometimes a live album - less retentive about things - its just the next album

6. from then on depends on a lot of things - some musicians become "project" oriented, some become archivists, etc

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