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Posted by Les Trois Berets     by  Etheline on 02/24/02 - 03:30:08
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19 3-person teams
32 questions in all categories

Benicia, CA Community fundraiser for English Language Instruction, (adult).

Ray wore a black Dead shirt with a giant flag rose, dual Willie Nelson braids, and a cranberry
woolen beret.  His beard was freshly trimmed by me. His male and female team members were similarly jaunty.  (but not THAT good!)

But they were all smart.  YES, they did us proud!
They won the SILVER medal!!!!  Missed Gold by ONE

problem question: "What was the NAME of the high school that the main characters in the film GREASE attended???"

That's why they call it Trivia............


Now we face the UNtrivial.


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