EXTRA! Webmaster Locked in File Cabinet!

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Posted by Chimp or Chirp on 02/23/02 - 21:45:51
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After 29 years, finally we get an answer to Paul's musical questions...

"What are the pipes a-playing for said FILES on
     parade -- why do they shake
The darkness with their sound?  Why are the
drummers rollin' on to call us here again
Who will they take away this time around?"

Epic (#38)

Alas, 'twas our poor Webmaster...
Come clean, Artski: What's he filed under?

We're not fooled.  It isn't the pipes, it's HIM shaking the darkness with his sound!  Please let him out.
Eth's right: He was only doing his job.
Can't you two (or whoever else you' got in there) get a bong?


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