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Posted by Cricket on 02/23/02 - 19:11:18
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I DO SO have skunks to deal with!  Now & throughout childhood.

My best tale: Age 15 ot so, trying to sneak back into the house at 2 or 3 a.m. with a friend (WAY past curfew -- risking big trouble), tiptoeing up the back stairway... We did not see the skunk, who was between us and my dog.  The dog barks, the skunk sprays --& the best friend loses it & starts shrieking & crying... We STINK beyond words...and spend the rest of the night try to bathe really quietly & pretty much in the dark so my parents don't see a light on, & every time the dog comes back in the room & heads toward us, my friend starts all over again with the crying & shrieking (he was impressively foul smelling; took a big hit)...  

Next morning, we have to attend the funeral of a friend's dad's; we're in the pew (good word, huh?)...& after a while, our other friends start inching away from us, sliding sideways in their seats.  One finally leans over & whispers:  "What do you guys SMELL like?!!" & we of course burst out laughing.  Now the nuns & everyone else glare, because we don't know how to conduct ourselves at a funeral...

Thanks, Kev.  I feel much better now.  Do I owe you anything?

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