Dinner at the trivia contest

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Posted by Eth on 02/23/02 - 17:52:46
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NO!!! It's just the job Webmaster has to do!!!

Did my jam discussion seem OK?
Probably just self evident stuff.

Cricket gave us 'Dreams', which we thought we never had---but low and behold we know every inch of it,  GREAT STILL!!

Face to the Wind----!!!!
How 'bout jam flavors from Blows??  
That's new again for us, too.


Images from you have been WAY GOOD!
Like there to help me when I really needed it....
9/11, and recent explosive disorder.

WELL, Don's in the kitchen--we showered Ray with Jerry for his birthday----and we are hearing
Hot Tuna, Live at the New orleans, Berkeley.
And Dreams
And Blows   RANDOM

Tonight RAY competes on a 3 person trivia team in Benicia, with 18 other teams!!!!  Fundraiser

Ray was drafted--he is QUITE sharp!

Results anon.

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